Maintaining health through preventative medicine.  1 Thes. 5:23

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    Over 80% of illnesses today are chronic, progressive, and degenerative.  Typically, these illnesses are not acquired overnight!  The pattern that causes these ailments are typically developed gradually over a long period of time.  Therefore, the interventions needed to resolve them are not usually "one-time" or instantaneous activities.  In addition, a "fast fix" mentality usually only addresses symptoms with a "band aid" approach, leaving the root cause of an illness ignored.  At the Fontaine Center, we focus on the "root", not the "fruit" causes of disease!




     Osteopathic medicine is at the heart of our medical clinic.  Effective and safe options in medicine are part of the comprehensive approach of blending both natural therapies along with conventional treatments to insure you receive the best clinical benefits possible.

    Here at the Fontaine Center we continuously review newly emerging options, thus offering a wide range of growing medical services.  Just as importantly, however, we listen and take as much time as you need, so that we can suggest comprehensive action to help you on your way to optimal health.


"Remember, if you ignore your health - you will lose it!"

     Please enjoy browsing our site and feel free to call us with any questions.  We're looking forward to meeting you!

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